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Conduct Guidelines

As a parent, you are responsible for providing supervision at all activities, either by yourself or by a proper guardian when you can not be present. Home Ed is not responsible for children who are present without proper supervision.

  • No abusive, foul, or borderline language is allowed
  • No inappropriate, offensive, or immodest attire (See Dress Code)
  • No sexual misconduct or inappropriate touching of any kind
  • No aggressive behavior, assault, or threat of personal harm

When attending a Home Ed event, we ask that parents and children represent the home school group positively, exhibit responsibility for property, and assume financial responsibility for any damages resulting from behavior.


Members should attempt to resolve issues between involved parties. If conflicts cannot be resolved, then a coordinator should be contacted to determine if further action is required.

Coordinators reserve the right to ask that parties who refuse to obey the conduct policy refrain from attending activities. In extreme situations that involve criminal behavior, the coordinators may request that involved parties contact and report the incident to the proper authorities. Home Ed coordinators will not assume responsibility or liability for abusive behavior, injury, sickness, or harm to any person resulting from incidents that occur at or in transit to scheduled Home Ed events.