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Home Ed is open for membership to:

Those who are or will be homeschooling or doing virtual schooling for the upcoming semester or year.
Those who live close enough to actively participate in our community of homeschoolers.  

We provide our members with:

  • SECURE ONLINE COMMUNITY :: Your membership allows you to access the incredible resources, relationships, and student activities associated with HomeEd.  While general information about our organization is available to anyone, only members have access to the details of outings, classes, and athletic events.
  • WEEKLY UPDATES :: Customized weekly emails communicate information on issues, activities, and events for Greater Little Rock area homeschoolers. This is Home Ed's primary method of communication.
  • DIRECTORY :: The Online Directory lists other Home Ed members and their children. You can print it out with up-to-date information or access it online. The directory is a useful tool for contacting other members, looking up names and addresses, or finding members nearby your home. The Home Ed Directory is only available to current members and can not be used for solicitation or incorporation into any other mailing lists (see our Safety and Privacy Policy).
  • MEMBERSHIP CARD :: A personalized membership card can be printed from this website. The card acts as a homeschooler ID and has been recognized for education discounts by many businesses and museums (honored at the discretion of the seller).

None of these items are available separately. These items are only available to paid members. We do not prorate the nominal joining fees. These fees help us pay for the expenses of communicating with you and offering annual events.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.  As you set up your family's profile, you determine what you want to share. You always have the option to remain private, all while having access to HomeEd information and email communications.

Keep in mind that your chosen level of privacy will also impact HomeEd members' ability to connect with you.

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